Friday, February 12, 2016

Painting: Canvas Stretching

Below are two videos that will help you remember some of the basics of stretching a canvas that we covered in class. I have some issues with the second video (the way she staples mostly) but despite that it was one of the better large canvas demos that I could find (I outline the issues that I have with the video in the text directly above it).

Video 01: Overall this video is rather good. He works the staples from side to side using the proper technique (unlike the video above) and he goes into detail about some of the basic things to keep in mind as you work your way towards the completed stretched canvas. Instead of using a T-Square ruler he uses corner braces that are already cut to 90 degrees (a nice time saver but an additional expense).

Video 02: Her process is okay overall but for the cross brace she uses single nails and I suggest using t-shaped metal brackets (available at your local hardware store) and use a drill to screw them into place. Also a serious problem I have with the video is that when she staples the canvas she does not go back and forth from one side to the other (instead she works her way down an entire side at a time - not so good for the overall tension). Also with a canvas this large I suggest leaning it against a wall and pulling the canvas down as you staple (in the video she is forced to pull the canvas away from herself which does not provide maximum tension). A cross brace is something used for larger canvases that is unnecessary for smaller canvases.

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