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Japanese Pop

Tadanori Yokoo

 Shinjiro Okamoto (left and right), Keiichi Tanami (still from Crayon Angel, center)

Keiichi Tanaami

 Tadanori Yokoo

The Saints & Beasts of Medieval Manuscripts

The lion as symbol of Saint Mark from the Echternach Gospels

John the Evangelist from the Lindisfarne Gospels (left) Book Of Armagh (center) & Book of Durrow (right)

St. Luke with the symbol of an Ox from the Ebbo Gospels (left) & Lichfield Gospels (right)

St. Mark and the symbol of the lion from the Lindisfarne Gospels (left), Sacramentary of Gellone (center), Book of Durrow (right)

Volker Huller

Volker Huller (source)

Verne Dawson

Paintings by Verne Dawson (source)

Jan Mostaert

16th century Netherlandish awesomeness via Jan Mostaert :)

Magritte: Vache Period & Related Works

"A fascinating period of the artist’s landmark oeuvre has remained nearly unknown: his so-called PĂ©riode vache. In 1948, Magritte made a group of paintings and gouaches distinctly different from the rest of his work for his first solo exhibition in Paris. Relying on a new, fast and aggressive style of painting – and particularly inspired by popular sources such as caricatures and comics, but also interspersing his works with stylistic quotations from artists like James Ensor or Henri Matisse – Magritte, within only a few weeks, produced about thirty entirely uncharacteristic works that caused an outrage in Paris. The artist deliberately conceived the exhibition as a provocation of and an assault on the Parisian public. Painting in an unexpectedly crude, playful, and intentionally “bad” manner, he reflected his own work and painting in general." (source)

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Painters & Masking

Jamian Juliano Villani

Process shot via Instagram

Nichole Van Beek

Interview with Nichole van Beek from Gorky's Grandaughter

Brian Willmont

"Shadows of the Night" 2014 (completed)

"Shadows of the Night" In-progress shot via Instagram

Trudy Benson

Interview via Gorky's Grandaughter

In-progress via Instagram

Tutorials On Masking & Stencils: