The Video Arts

Below is a short list of contemporary artists who are creating motion-based work. Some of the artists are working more with their hands and creating stop motion animations while others are working in a more or less completely digital realm. The least digital of the artists listed below is Ms. Colburn who works in Sixteen-millimeter. Thanks to Mr. Vince Contarino for his big help with this.

Cliff Evans. More at:

Ryan Trecartin. More at:

Rob Carter. More at:

Gordon Cheung. More at:

Erica Magrey. More at:

Martha Colburn. More at:

Jeremy Blake. More here:

Jimmy Joe Roach. More at:

Brenna Murphy. More at:

Yoshi Sodeoka. More at:


Angela said…
A contemporary video artist that I really admire, just thought I'd share.