Monday, March 14, 2016

The Chicago Imagists!

Roger Brown

The Chicago Imagists are a group of representational artists associated with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago who exhibited at the Hyde Park Art Center in the late 1960s.

Their work was known for grotesquerie, surrealism and complete uninvolvement with New York art world trends. Critic Ken Johnson referred to Chicago Imagism as "the postwar tradition of fantasy-based art making." Senior Chicago magazine editor Christine Newman said, "Even with the Beatles and the Vietnam War in the forefront, the artists made their own way, staking out their time, their place, and their work as an unforgettable happening in art history." The Imagists had an unusually high proportion of female artists. (source)

Gladys Nilsson / Philip Hanson / Al Green

Suellen Rocca (left & center) / Jim Nutt

Barbara Rossi / Ed Paschke / Karl Wirsum

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