Thursday, March 10, 2016

Textiles: Oberkampf Manufactory

The Oberkampf Manufactory was founded by Christoph Philippe Oberkampf in the mid 18th century in France. It seems to have been wildly popular for a number of decades but after nearly a century it went bankrupt in1843. I love the rich, earthy colors in the floral prints but I'm also drawn to the monochromatic but highly detailed Toile de Jouy fabrics at the bottom of the image set (more info about those below). Most of the images presented here came from the Metropolitan Museum of Art website. 

This type of monochromatic pictorial cotton, toile de Jouy, takes its name from the village near Versailles where the first printed textile factory in France was founded. ... Printed multicolored patterns on cloth were achieved at first by use of carved wood blocks. By the 1770s, reproductions of finely drawn engravings of pictorial prints and floral and geometric patterns were made possible through copperplate and cylinder printing. Copperplate printing allowed for designs with a larger repeating pattern than that of block prints, although only in a single color; cylinder or roller printing soon provided the advantage of greatly increased production, although with a narrower repeat on the cloth. Oberkampf introduced these techniques into France and they were adopted by other manufacturing centers such as Mulhouse and Nantes. (source:
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