Saturday, March 12, 2016

Neu Art Brut

Below is a selection of contemporary artists that could fall under the title of Art Brut. The term Art Brut, strictly speaking, is used to describe "outsider art" and artists who were not traditionally part of the mainstream artworld. Their work is often unconventional, child-like yet sophisticated, fantastical, naive and sincere. Can we still have outsiders in the age of the internet? An age in which anyone (even someone living in the middle of nowhere) can still see what's going on in the art world today? Does it matter if some of the artists shown below actually have degrees from art schools? In either case I'm using the term Art Brut here in reference to their style, regardless of their background as an art insider or outsider.

Joyce Pensato

Joe Bradley

Peter Linde Busk

Anthony Miler 

Susan King

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