Monday, September 14, 2015

Drawing To Painting Demo 01

1. Initial drawing done on paper with 4B graphite pencil. 4B is soft enough that it will become activated when applying matte medium (which is an effect I wanted). If you would like to avoid the graphite smudging ruing the matte medium application, simply use a harder lead. 

2. Some value is added to the initial line drawing. This paper will contain my transparent glazes of paint where the entire tonal range is more or less established by the graphite. The glazes only determine the temperature. 

3. Tracing paper is used to outline the original drawing. Both sides of the tracing paper contain the graphite lines seen here. By laying the tracing paper down and drawing on top of it you can transfer the drawing to a new sheet of paper.

4. Here the traced drawing is now transferred to the paper.

5. Thin layers of pure matte medium are applied to each piece of paper to trap the graphite below (to prevent the graphite from mixing with the paint and potentially getting muddy). 
5. Left: Thin layers of matte medium allow the lifework to show through. More pencil can be added once the medium has dried (make sure to use matte medium if you intend to continue drawing in this way). Right: The red elements of the spray bottle are rendered using opaque paint using 3 restricted tones of red (middle red, light read and dark read). The bottle and background receive the same washy effect by adding matte medium to black paint (the ratio of paint to medium is very small).

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