Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Issuu book publication and embed

This tutorial describes how to create an embedded publication from a PDF using the online service ISSUU

1) In Illustrator I have created one long art board to get a sense for how my book will flow from left to right.

2) Clicking the artboard tool I resize the long art board to fit to the first page.

3. Clicking the new art board button preserves the previous artboards size settings so that I can create new "pages" that are identical in their dimensions. The new pages should be snapped in place next to the previous ones. 

4. The new art boards are continually added until each page is accounted for. 

5. I select File > Save As > PDF

6. I navigate to Issuu.com and sign in or create a new account.

7. I click the upload button and drag my PDF into the browser. I add any detailed information to the PDF to help describe it. 

8. Highlighting my PDF I then click the code toggle < / > and then the "Embed" link.

9. I copy the embed code.

10. I make a new post on my blog. Switch to HTML view and paste my embed code here. I click publish.

11. I enjoy the results of the final product on your website/blog.

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