Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Printing: Printing Big On A Small Printer

This tutorial shows you how to break apart an artboard in Illustrator to print smaller pieces that can later be glued or taped together to form a larger whole. In this example our artboard is 17" wide by 14" tall. 

1) We need to divide the artboard into two smaller artboards, each of which could fit within the boundaries of an 11" x 17" (tabloid) size paper. Click the Artboard Tool. Note the size of the document (top right in yellow). Resize the width of the artboard by half (here 8.5") by dragging the artboard edge with the mouse cursor. 

2) Click the new artboard button (top left). Hover cursor over the document and snap your new artboard to the edge of the original resized artboard. Here you can see a division running down the center of the composition (the first artboard is on the left and the new one is on right). The artboard count at the top right should now read "2" artboards.

3) Print from Illustrator. Change Media Size to Tabloid. Make sure "Do Not Scale" is selected. When ready click "Print". If for some reason you cannot print yet save the document as a new PDF (File > Save As) or Export as a 150 PPI JPG (File > Export > JPG).

4) The two halves can then be glued or taped together. Trim border down as necessary. 

ps. thanks to whoever left this printout by the printer for me to use. Peter? Ben?
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