Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Digital to Analog: Trace and Transfer

Goal: To transfer a digital printout to Bristol or any other surface that would be difficult or impossible to run through a standard printer.

1) Use a laser printer or inkjet to printout your file.

2) Coat the back of your digital printout with a soft graphite pencil (4B or 6B). Turn the penil on the side to cover more paper more quickly. Or use a woodless graphite pencil, soft vine charcoal or conte. Graphite is the least messy and therefore probably the safest for most transfer situations.

3) Lay your digital printout over the surface you wish to transfer to. Use tape if necessary to hold the paper down and keep it from slipping while you trace.

4) Use a hard graphite pencil (2H, 4H, etc) to trace over your image. 

5) Lift your printout up as necessary to check your process. Continue until all necessary shapes have been copied to the other surface.

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