Friday, January 25, 2013

Illustrator: Cool Warm Saturation Grid (II)

Step 01: Two introduce an extra level of complexity to a color grid we can overlay a pattern on top of it (The pattern used here came from this tutorial) and flip flop the colors. IMPORTANT: Notice that the background swatch colors on the bottom row are reversed and now the foreground color of the objects in the top row. Notice how the background swatch colors of the top row are now the foreground colors of the objects in the bottom row. See arrows above. Make sure to wrap your mind around this logic before proceeding!

Step 02: Move from one box to the next, ALT dragging your pattern as you go. Take it one at a time and by carefully labeling things in your layers panel and locking/unlocking them as you go you will be able to use the magic wand and eye dropper tools to select the fill of the objects (pattern) and change them to the corresponding background colors on the opposite side of the grid. This is a slow process that is tedious and somewhat mind melting. It will require a lot of your focus to get this right. 

Step 02 (continued): The best thing to do is study these screenshots as they will show you the process better than my words can.

Final Result. Make sure you can see how this is working and why that middle square is "blank"

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