Friday, January 25, 2013

Illustrator: Cool Warm Saturation Grid (I)

Step 01: In Illustrator, create an artboard 10"x10". Create one 2"x2" square and ALT drag it to each corner (make sure snapping is turned on). For the top to boxes choose an extreme cold warm contrast. For the bottom two boxes choose a subtle cold warm contrast. Note: top row = warm to cold (left to right) bottom row = cold to warm (left to right) 

Step 02: Double click the blend tool. Change to "Specified Steps" and "3" steps.

Step 03: With the blend tool selected click your way from one box to the next (you should be able to do this in one seamless series of clicks).

Step 03 (continued): The result we want from the blend tool

Step 04: Use the black arrow to make sure you have selected the entire blend group. From the Illustrator menu, click Object > Expand. This will make the blend result permanent. 

Step 05. You should be able to fill in the remaining white space once again using the blend tool. Click from one box across to the next. After each row use the arrow tool to "click off" the selection and then resume the blend tool (this time if you try to continuously use the blend tool it will cause unwanted effects).

Step 06. The final result. You can select all and then click Object > Expand again to make all changes permanent.

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