Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reading: Dominique Fourcade on Matisse

Mantle of the Chevaliers de l'Ordre du Saint-Espirit,  Musee du Louvre, Paris

Later on, in quite another context, the inspiration of the most Matissean work in the Louvre–the cloak of the Order of the Knights of the Holy Ghost, which Matisse had known all his life–was reincarnated. As he had often done, he incorporated all that he had found most striking and most modern in the art of the past, and incorporated it long after he had seen it; he had taken it, absorbed it, and he gave it back with no evasions. The result, which is as resonant as Oceanie, le ciel and Oceanie, la mer were not, is the mortuary chasuble Esperlucat, no 148 (a Provencal word meaning "to unseal," "to open the eyes").

Matisse, Chasuble noire "Esperlucat" Black Chasuble, late 1950/52, 129 X 197cm

– excerpt from the essay, Something Else by Dominique Fourcade
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