Sunday, May 20, 2012

Photoshop: Easy Panoramics

How to stich individual single images together to form a larger panoramic (ex: multiple photos of an expansive landscape or multiple scans of an artwork too large to fit on a scanner)

1) In Bridge navigate to the folder of images you would like to combine.

2) In Bridge select all the files you would like to work with (Shift click to select multiple files) and then click "Tools / Photoshop / Load Files into Photoshop Layers"

3) The files you selected in Bridge will quickly load into one .psd. Now that you are in Photoshop all of the layers should be selected automatically. If not make sure to select them. Then click "Edit / Auto-Align Layers". Note: in the above screenshot some of my scans are upside down and some right side up – if Auto-Align does not work properly for you go back in the history panel and adjust the orientation so that all of the images are right side up.

4) The Auto-Align dialogue box gives you several options for alignment. I suggest picking "Auto" to start with and if that doesn't do everything you need go back a step and try one of the other options – the icons make them fairly self explanatory.

5) With a little luck Auto-Align has worked like a champ and you can finish things off by clicking "Edit / Auto Blend Layers" (make sure you have all of the layers selected in the Layers Panel first). Select "Panorama" for the blend option.

6) Once blended (you can see the highly irregular layer mask PS is using to create the blending) you  might want to zoom in and check out where the puzzle pieces are meeting to make sure there are no glitches. Flatten your layers, crop and rotate as needed to kill any dead pixels around the image area.

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