Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amir Fallah on whitehot magazine

"There’s a strong link to graffiti in Amir Fallah’s work. Elements in Fallah’s paintings are arranged like tags in graffiti, where the letters act as characters that do things like smoosh the other letters or rest on each other - there is some of that same sensitivity to calligraphy (for lack of a better word) in his paintings. He practiced graffiti for twelve years, and while he doesn’t write on walls anymore, it shines through in his artwork. That’s a colorful way to explain Fallah’s aesthetic, which has a genesis in claiming urban spaces and defying property rights. Knowing a little about him, I can guess that there has been many developments to his work since he began spraying tags in Virginia. So, here’s the backstory: Amir grew up painting graffiti in Virginia, where he also founded Beautiful/Decay Magazine, he went to college at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and then to UCLA - where he studied with John Baldessari among others. He currently makes artwork, heads up Beautiful/Decay Magazine, and manages his design firm, Something in the Universe."

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More of Mr. Fallah's work can be seen on his website:
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